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Undergraduate Organizations

Queer Alliance

Queer Alliance (QA) is a coalition of undergraduate student groups and serves as a space for all LGBTQ identifying individuals and allies. QA aims to build community and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ students.

Organizations Under Queer Alliance

Explore the numerous LGBTQ undergraduate student organizations housed under Queer Alliance below.

Afrikan Student Union (ASU)

Contact: Isaiah Matthews (Gender and Sexuality Coordinator)

Email: asugendersexualitycoordinator@gmail.com


ASU is exists to promote, protect, and serve the interest and educational rights of individual and collective needs of the Afrikan student body, and community within the context of the struggle for Afrikan liberation.


Contact: Azisa Todd



BlaQue is UCLA's Black and LGBTQ inclusive org, fostering a safe space for folks of all identities to come together and celebrate Blackness. Our main goals are retention, safety, and solidarity against bigotry.


Gamma Rho Lambda, Zeta Chapter

ContactWren Crapser 

Email: zeta@gammarholambda.org


Gamma Rho Lambda is UCLA's only multicultural all-inclusive LGBTQIA+ organization on campus. GRL is founded on tolerance, diversity, unity and trust and supports and provides a space space for people of all genders. Sexualities, and diverse backgrounds.

HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition (HCAT)

ContactCatherine Zhang



HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition (HCAT) is a group of UCLA undergraduate and graduate/medical school students who are committed to reducing HIV and sexual health stigma.We aspire to empower and initiate change in communities affected by HIV through serving as HIV test counselors, and practicing cultural humility and cultural competency.


Kabalikat Kore

Contact: Ronnel Rosales



Kabalikat Kore is the gender and sexuality component of Samahang Pilipino, providing community and support for LGBT+ identifying Pilipinx folks.


Lavender Health Alliance

Contact: Erin Bacasen



Lavender Health Alliance is dedicated to providing support, community, and resources for LGBTQ+ pre-health students and increasing awareness of inequalities facing LGBTQ+ folks in healthcare, higher education, and the sciences. LHA aims to build a community of LGBTQ+ or allied undergraduate and graduate students interested in our cause through mentorship and to provide related volunteer opportunities in the greater Los Angeles Area, both for the betterment of the community and for the development of academic and holistic excellence in future healthcare workers.



ContactZiv Haikin



LGBTJew is an LGBTQ+ community for folks of all orientations, faiths, and identities to engage with and learn more about Judaism through a Queer lens.


OutWrite Newsmagazine

ContactJasper Modha




OutWrite Newsmagazine is a multi-media publication at UCLA with digital, print, radio, and social media outlets for representation of queer experiences and issues. We bring these subjects into focus with the intention of creating community, educating those interested in learning, and providing a space for dialogue.

Pride Admit Weekend (PAW)

Contact: Alice Lu



Pride Admit Weekend is a freshman and transfer yield program that welcomes new Bruins to campus, instilling admits with a sense of community and pride in their identities, as well as showcasing the numerous groups and resources that UCLA’s LGBTQ community has to offer.



ContactFrancis Quinn



Prism is an LGBTQ+ Christian fellowship that welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds. We are a community that seeks to become deeply engaged in one another’s lives and to help each other experience God.


Project 1

ContactMeredith Yates


Website: https://www.facebook.com/uclaproject1/

Project 1 is part of Queer Alliance's Access and Retention Program. Our mission is to create sustainable pathways to higher education for LGBTQ youths in Los Angeles. Through mentorship, tutoring, community engagement and positive emotional development, we strive to educate students on LGBTQ issues and enable them to become agents of change in their communities.


Queer Community Health

Contact: Sophie Gu



Queer Community Health aims to address the disparities in queer people's access to healthcare and healthcare information. Our goal is to make seeking and maintaining adequate healthcare an easier and less painful process for the queer community of UCLA and beyond.


Queers in Stem (qSTEM)

Contact: James Yoon, Hannah Friedman



Queers in STEM is an organization for LGBTQ+ graduate and undergraduate students in STEM-fields at UCLA. The goal of the organization is promoting inclusivity and empowering people who are not as comfortable being open toward their colleagues.


Queer Peer Counseling

ContactCatherine Zhang



Queer Peer Counseling is a newly formed peer-counseling program formed under UCLA’s LGBT Center and Queer Alliance with the mission of providing LGBTQ+ and questioning folks with a safe space to access mentorship and take part in counseling resources in order to facilitate their transition to UCLA. Queer Peers differentiates itself from other peer counseling programs at UCLA in that it strives to provide more nuanced and culturally-aware support to current and incoming undergraduate students who may have needs more specific to the LGBTQ+ community.


ContactSpun Jakka



ShAQTi is a LGBTQ+/gender and sexually variant space for South Asians to meet and hold space for each other.

Transgender UCLA Pride (TransUP)

Contact: Kai Huang

Email: transuclapride@gmail.com


TransUP (Transgender UCLA Pride) is a social space for trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and gender questioning undergraduate and graduate students of the UCLA community.


The UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center acknowledges our presence on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples.