Weekly Programs

Looking to get involved? Attend one of our weekly LGBTQ programs hosted at the LGBT Center. Our weekly social programs are open to the entire UCLA community while our new Affinity Spaces are closed spaces for students who hold those specific identities.

Out of the Closet

Tuesdays (odd weeks) from 4-5pm @ LGBTCRC


Queer Fandom Fanatics

Thursdays from 3-5pm @ LGBTCRC


Affinity Spaces

Affinity groups provide opportunities for UCLA students to find community and engage in supportive peer dialogues over a shared identity. Our Affinity Spaces are student facilitated with LGBT Center staff support and are intentionally held on weekday afternoons to provide students with evening conflicts (particularly commuting students) the opportunity to participate while also not replicating our LGBTQ student organizations. These new spaces were chosen following a Fall 2015 survey to assess which identity-specific groups students would most like to see offered. If you would like to see an additional Affinity Space offered at the LGBT Center or are interested in facilitating an Affinity Space, please contact Program Coordinator Kevin Medina: kmedina@lgbt.ucla.edu.



Ace/Aro - Asexual & Aromantic Discussion Space

Mondays from 2-3pm @ LGBTCRC


QTPOC - Queer & Trans People of Color

Wednesdays from 12-1pm @ LGBTCRC


Out of the Box - Queer Recovery Space

Fridays from 12-1pm @ LGBTCRC