I Am Bruin Pride

UCLA's LGBT Campus Resource Center proudly presents the I Am Bruin Pride Project, a documentary and archival project honoring the words, stories, and contributions of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UCLA.

I Am Bruin Pride presents the stories, experiences, and contributions of LGBTQ students, staff, faculty, and alumni of UCLA in an inclusive and diverse manner. Each interviewee has been picked based on a variety of factors toward diversity in race, experience, orientation, and identity. Featuring a poster series and an interview, I Am Bruin Pride documents the important histories of those within the UCLA LGBT community.

Spring 2014

  • Yakira Delgadillo

Summer 2014

  • Moof Mayeda
  • Al Aubin
  • Rosemary Veniegas

Fall 2014

  • Mark Chambers
  • D'Lo
  • Dr. Suzanne Seplow

Winter 2015

  • Christina Chala
  • Maria Hinayon
  • Yiu Ho Au
  • Faith Cheltenham
  • Chad Lazzari
  • Michael Haymer

Spring 2015

I Am Bruin Pride Team

  • Jack Kaden
    Project Lead Intern 2013-15
  • Royce Nitta
    Project Intern 2013-14

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