Center Values

We recognize that sexual orientation and gender identity work through and are influenced by race/ethnicity, gender, culture, age, ability status, class, faith, and other social characteristics. In keeping with the ideals of UCLA to provide leadership and service, we commit to justice, equality, and respect for all persons in all of our endeavors. We acknowledge that:

  • all sexual and gender identities are valued equally and seen as contributions to the diversity of the campus as a whole
  • every member of the student body, staff, and faculty may know about the Center, understand our purpose and/or activities and use us as a resource
  • the UCLA LGBT Resource Center must be a model for other universities in providing services to our LGBT population
  • students must feel free to contribute to the UCLA community regardless and inclusive of sexual or gender identity
  • staff and faculty must experience no employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and must not fear coming out because of possible repercussion to employment status or to future opportunities
  • the Center encourages a collaborative sense of community among LGBT students, staff, faculty, and alumni

Colours of the rainbow
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