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The UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center has proudly been serving the UCLA community for 20 years. We provide a comprehensive range of education and advocacy services supporting intersectional identity development as well as fostering unity, wellness, and an open, safe, and inclusive environment for UCLA’s LGBTQ community. The LGBT CRC affirms folks of all sexual and gender identities and serves the entire UCLA community – undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We welcome you to engage with us by stopping by the Center, attending our programming, utilizing our services, or participating in an allyship training.

Updated Gender-Inclusive Restroom Map (July 2019)

We are proud to announce the completion of an updated Gender-Inclusive Restroom Map! Our greatest thanks to those who worked tirelessly on this vital project.  

Updating UCLA's All-Gender Restroom Map

Read this article by Point Scholar and UCLA LGBT CRC Outreach Intern Kai Huang to learn more about the process of creating the all-gender restroom map.

"Many trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people often have to weigh the risks that can be associated with using gendered restrooms and taking care of our basic needs if there are no gender neutral alternatives nearby. We must decide if we feel comfortable enough to even choose one gendered option or another, and evaluate if our presentation will make it safe enough to do so. Of course, not all trans people have to make these decisions, but risk associated with using gendered restrooms is a reality that many trans people face daily."